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The multiculturalism of fact is rooted in considerable achievements of who we have become. The multiculturalism of fiction is rooted in the fear of what has never been.

– Gary Younge


The Multicultural Politic is a collective of writers, cultural critics and activists writing about arts, culture, politics and our mutual daily struggles. We exist to continue the legacy of migrants before us, who have fought for the right to exist with dignity and survive.

We are active in and write about discussions on race, ethnicity and identity, film reviews, the nature of work, campaigns to save local hospitals, anti-capitalism, ideas on how identity, gender, race and class intersect and overlap, sports commentary, the politics of sex, immigration anti-raid support networks, the fight against gentrification and many more.

We would love for fellow travellers, migrants whether from Exeter or Ethiopia, who want something to contribute to get involved. We hope you are interested in writing with us, and so please get in touch.

We have a political perspective and have published two statements which sets it out:

Reclaiming Multiculturalism From Below – Our statement of intent and our considered analysis as an editorial collective.

Why We Write – a shorter provocative 500 word piece which sums up our experiences and political stance.

Our Editorial Collective

Aviva Stahl / @stahlidarity is the US Researcher for CagePrisoners and a collective member of Bent Bars, and is interested in exploring the links between the prison industrial complex, racial justice and queer liberation.

Celeste West / @Kosmogrrrl is a Scots/Irish Londoner, intersectional feminist and also writes at noalternative.org

Justin LS / @justinthelibsoc is a second generation Ghanaian immigrant, former teacher, community activist. Also a short-term pessimist with medium-term optimism.

Patrick Koduah / @PatrickKoduah is a London based artist with a passion for animation, graphic novels and design. His prizewinning work has been exhibited in the Embassy of Japan and featured on television in the UK and abroad.

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